In Digitally Handmade we care about our clients and their branding, that´s why every pixel we create makes sense. We are a team of resourceful and creative people whose main visible face (and hair) is me, a Digital Designer who also worked as journalist, film critic, press coordinator and communication consultant. Find out more about me in Linkedin. When not working in the communication field, we immerse ourselves in organizing photo exhibitions or audiovisual installations, directing shortfilms, or any kind of art projects. Some of them were shown in Japan, Romania, and Spain. We love: travelling, reading, learning new things, library cards, watching films, visiting art exhibitions, riding bikes, grapefruits and snow.

Cv and references available on request. (Merci beaucoup pour le portrait, Jesús). I recognize myself  in your portrait. Thanks, Victor!


2 thoughts on “Us

  1. Would it be possible if you could give me your email address as I am interested in seeing if you can design a logo for me?

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